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Enterprise mortgages

Enterprise mortgages


    XING ' an easy loan for Dongguan city, Dongguan city, meet the financing conditions of small and medium businesses provide a fast, relatively high amount of financing loans. Unsecured loans up to 500,000, effectively solve business bank financing and lines of financing problems.

    loan characteristics:

    loan fast, fast day;

    no mortgage, no guarantees

    credit high

    monthly income Grading service.


    1, in Dongguan city, the urban area has a full paragraph or mortgage of real estate (mortgage)

    2, lenders can provide the title deed or contract, ID cards,

    3, the loans can take for business license,

    4, with the corresponding repayment ability (available 6 months chronological)

    application required information:

    ID: ID card (front and back)

    Proof of business: business license copy (legal and identity are the same person)

    proof of income: the last six months of public and private banks flowing (printed and stamped with business seal at the bank counter)

    business proven: business premises lease contract, and last month's rent or utility bill

    Proof of address: lease contract or home address information last month lists of public utilities payment

    certificate of house property: name property


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