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Credit loans


    credit refers to loans issued to borrowers with credit, borrowers are not required to provide security. The   feature is the debtor need not provide collateral or third-party guaranteed its credibility alone to obtain loans, and the creditworthiness of the borrower as repayment guarantee. This credit is the main lender banks for a long time. Because of the way the loan riskier, generally on the borrower's economic benefits, management level, for detailed investigation of the prospects, in order to reduce risk. Since 04, due to the country to relax policy, microfinance industry has grown rapidly in the country, which they believed was one of the earliest and largest microfinance institution, has dozens of outlets in the country, credit is relatively good.

    loans conditions

    a corporate credit rating at least in AA-(inclusive) above, approved by provincial branches of State-owned commercial banks can issue a credit loan

    gross income accounting profit is the second in the last three years continues to grow, Assets liabilities rate control in 60% of good value range, cash flow sufficient, and stable;

    three is enterprise commitment not to its effective business assets to others set arrived (quality) bet or foreign provides guarantee, or in handle arrived (quality) bet, and the foreign provides guarantee zhiqian consent of loan bank agreed;

    four is enterprise business management specification, no escape waste debt, and debt interest, bad credit records.


    registered enterprises approved by the Administration for industry and Commerce (it) legal persons, other economic organizations, individual businesses, and in conformity with the provisions of the General principles of loan and Bank requirements.

    credit currency and term

    Chinese Yuan and foreign currencies. Loan term main production cycle, according to the borrower's repayment ability, project assessment and lenders ' financial strength, determined in consultation by both lenders and borrowers.

    rate as mandated by the people's Bank of China interest rate and a floating rate determined and stated in the loan contract.

    credit account application

    application for credit;

    proof of basic information, qualifications, credit card (card), power of Attorney, etc;

    Approved by the competent agency audit or in the last three years and the most recent financial statements and reports;

    Board resolution, parent approval of the borrower;

    project proposal and feasibility study report and approval documents in the right sector;

    payment plan and source of repayment;

&Nbsp;   business associated with the borrowing contract;

    Bank needs additional information.

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